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My assignment doesn't show up for my students

I assigned a specific skill for my setudents to do, I assigned it to go live at 10 am today. It is still not live and when I click onthe assignment, it shows "pending" as the status for my students. So I went in an edited it for a start time of 11 am....still pending. It's been very slow lately on updating. Why is that?

April 21, 2020



I deleted it and made a new assignment. It said pending, and then 15 mminutes later it said not assigned. I had to go in and manually click each student to say assign now. It still says pending. It there a customer service I can chat with?


Try teachers@duolingo.com


This has been a problem lately. Try deleting the assignment and then reassigning it.


What I have found out, is that if we assign it before students sign-up or join a class, they cannot view it. You will have to go into the assignment, and look for a message that says new students have arrived. You will then click on the button that says assign. You will need to do this for each assignment. Also, if the students are using the app, they cannot see their assignments; however, if they use duolingo via a desktop instead of a phone, they will see these specific assignments.


They have all been a part of my class since September. I had not problems with this until today.


The "pending" bug is a new thing. Hang tight; I will report this on the Educator's Network for you. You should be able to assign it again and ignore the old assignment that says "pending."


Thank you. Please let us know of the results. I even joined as a students and I am using the laptop and I cannot see the assignment even after individually assigning the work to each student.


It has been reported, but were you able to make a new assignment, I hope?


It was able to finally load for the students, but now some kids are not showing up and having completed the assignment, when they can screen shot for me that they have a crown. On my screen it shows they haven't started the assignment.


This is most likely due to the lag. Let me report it again.


My assignment for today is not showing up either. I deleted it and mmade a new one just like last time and it says pending. Kids can't get in to it. I have ntoiced the Duolingo website has really slowed down, has more glitches, etc. Is this being looked in to?

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