Why are some students getting they have run out of hearts and they can't move on? Can this be changed by the teacher?

April 21, 2020


They are using the IOS or Android mobile apps.

Tell them to use the web portal on a browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and they won't run into this health issue.

Hearts is part of an A/B test in general Duolingo; I don't know if all students have hearts but it may be that some do and some don't, just like in the general Duolingo population.

You get 3 or 4 hearts and each mistake costs you a heart. When you run out, you can wait for time to pass and earn back hearts (like regaining health) or you can go back and review earlier easier lessons to earn hearts back.

They are meant to prevent learners from rushing too quickly, and to encourage them to review and / or take breaks, because studies show that taking on too much too quickly is detrimental to learning.

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