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  5. "The bright moon."

"The bright moon."

Translation:A' Ghealach shoilleir.

April 21, 2020



Is there a reason why the "G" is capitalised?


It is the name of Earth’s moon (I think in English it’s also sometimes written as the Moon), also see how Luna when used in English is capitalized.


Tapadh leat a Silmeth. I understand the principle when used as a proper name, but I had not seen the word capitalised anywhere else in the lessons.


To be honest I don’t know what’s the typical Gaelic convention here – I see it listed in several dictionaries with examples in lowercase: gealach and a’ ghealach (and many such examples on the web), but then Gaelic Wikipedia, when referring to the particular Earth’s Moon, uses capitalized a’ Ghealach. I’d guess one would only capitalize it to emphasize that the word is used as a proper name.


Great, thanks again. Worth knowing this and will keep in mind if I see it again. Slàinte!


It's a typo, I believe we've fixed it in Tree 2, but I can't remember at the moment.


I am still seeing it:

You have a typo. A' Ghealach shoilleir.

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