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Same groups of students - different language classes.

Is it possible to duplicate the classroom? I have got the same set of students that would benefit from using duolingo for French, Spanish and Latin. For example, I would have 66 students in one group - the same set of students would learn all three languages.

If not, if I send them the class code for every separate class, would they need to create new passwords each time? Would they see the assignments?

I want specifically to set them the assignments as homework.

April 21, 2020

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I have several students who take more than one language from me, and they had no problem inputting several classroom codes. Tell your students to click on the blue silhouette in the upper corner (or avatar if they have added one), scroll down to settings, and click on progress sharing, and enter the class codes, one at a time.

To the left of their blue silhouette, there will be lingots, streak, crown level, and then next will be a flag for the language. Students can click on the flag, then scroll to another language. It is very easy to toggle between the languages.

Hope this helps!

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