"Agricola histriones numerat."

Translation:The farmer counts the actors.

April 21, 2020

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Actors have lost their jobs during the pandemic, hence they went to the field help the farmer. Ok, that makes sense...


Yep I can take that one @ Jan728532


Doesn’t the ending ‘a’ denote a woman? The farmer depicted is definitely a man. Sorry to enter into the whole gender debate, just trying to understand declensions.


The 'a' does not denote whether something is a woman or not. While agricola is first declension and most first declensions are grammatically feminine, not all of them are. Agricola, nauta (sailor), scurra (jester), and poeta (poet) are all examples of first declension masculine nouns (that most likely would have referred to a man in ancient times).


Thank you! Have a lingot.

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