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Gaining levels (in dutch) quickly

I wonder how it is possible for people to have reached above level 15 in dutch when it only has been out for a few days..? I have only finished one tree so far; the spanish. That only took me to level 11..! Since then I´ve been working hard to level up my spanish, but Dios! leveling up gets increasingly slower the higher you get... So I imagine leveling up from, let´s say lvl 15 to lvl 16 must take 2000 points or something , right?

Am I missing something obvious here? Is there a way to get lots of point quickly? Even if you "cheat" and look up words in a dictionary you still need to write all those THOUSANDS sentences, right? So even if the dutch lvl 11+ people took shortcuts to finish the tree, they would only reach up to lvl 11-12, right? So how can someone have earned those extra levels so quickly, even a native still needs all those point to level up, right?

July 21, 2014



There is a checkpoint towards the end of the tree. If you test out of all the preceding lessons by doing the test there, you get plenty of XP. (Something like Level 12 or 15, if I remember correctly.)


From level level 15 to 16 takes 1500 points bringing your total to 9000 points. Level 11 only takes a total of 3000 points.


Immersion allows for the quickest XP gain. I think tier 4 is 5xp per sentence checked or something? Let's say you were at tier 4 and could click the "looks good" button on 10 sentences a minute.

60 times 10 is 600. So you could check 600 sentences every hour. Let's say you did this for 2 hours.

2 times 600 is 1200 (sentences). 1200 times 5xp is 6000xp. Remember, 6000xp in just 2 hours.

I know what you're thinking:

  1. Not possible.

-Wrong, sure it's not possible if you were actually correcting the sentences, but remember, this theoretical person is just going for XP so it's probably much faster than 10 a minute.

  1. How could someone get to tier 4 already?

-Easy, have several "dummy accounts" that they use to rate all of their translations with.

I don't condone any of this, and I think it's absolutely pointless and in fact hurting the immersion effort, but I'm just pointing out a way that this high level of experience could be obtained in a relatively quick manner.


You're right, except there is no immersion yet for the English > Dutch course. ;)


Lol okay I was wondering, I didn't see one, just thought my computer was messing up.

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