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"Mo chreach, chan eil seo math."

Translation:Dear me, this is not good.

April 21, 2020



Isn't it wrong? It looks like that should be "my dear" and not "dear me"...thats make no sense


mo chreach is a set phrase that means "my destruction". It's used in equivalent situations to "dear me", "goodness me", "my goodness" and the like in English.


How does "Mo chreach" compare to "Obh obh"?


Mo chreach! is an expression of surprise, which may or may not imply a negative perspective on what has caused the surprise. Mo chreach-sa thàinig! is a stronger version.

Òbh òbh! expresses a negative perspective on something, and may or may not imply an element of surprise.


Thank you. This is the kind of in-depth understanding I crave!


Mo chreach could be translated in many ways, Duolinguo settled on this one... obh, obh!

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