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  5. "You eat soup."

"You eat soup."

Translation:Jij eet soep.

July 21, 2014



Couldn't this also be translated "Jullie eten soep"?


Yep, that's also correct. If you're asking because the answer wasn't accepted for you, report it. :)


Maybe they don't accept it because we only pick one out of two correct answers. They want us to pick two answers.


That could be the case if it was the type of question where you're given three options. Really, there are four answers to this question:

  • "Jij eet soep."
  • "Je eet soep."
  • "U eet soep."
  • "Jullie eten soep."


True. Indeed this one is a multiple choices question. Thanks for coming up with more answer alternatives.


Yep, sure thing. I'm always glad to help. :)


Could you explain when U and Jullie are used? I get the difference between Jij and Je, but not the other two.


If you have ever heard somone say you all that is what i would translate jullie as. U is the formal way to say it in english we would probly say something like "Mr. President you …" where you say someones name then say you to be formal.


That exactly just happened to me too! 07Jun2020.


Super confused, what is nuttigen? I put Jullie eet soep and it said i got it wrong and said the correct is "Jullie nuttigen soep" help??


It's a fancier word for to eat. You used the wrong conjugation: Jullie eten


Why not Ik eet soep?


"Ik eet soep" would be "I eat soup. The pronouns and verbs are as follows:

  • Ik eet = I eat
  • Jij/je eet = You eat
  • U eet = You eat
  • Jullie eten = You eat
  • Hij eet = He eats
  • Zij/ze eet = She eats
  • Wij/We eten = We eat
  • Zij/ze eten = They eat

Jij/je and u are both singular pronouns; however, the former is informal while the latter is formal. Jullie is a plural pronoun, meaning you use it when referring to multiple people.

Hope this helps! :)

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