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"This is the list of the things that I don't use anymore."

Translation:C'est la liste des choses que je n'utilise plus.

April 21, 2020



having got us used to using "truc" for thing, why does it not accept it in this instance?


I tried

C'est la liste de choses que je n'utilise plus.

Why is it wrong?


It's weird to use the definite article for liste and then the indefinite for choses. And it's not a correct translation because the english sentence says the things.
But you could say C'est une liste de choses que je n'utilise plus. (This is a list of things that I don't use anymore.)


because choses is plural so it would be "de les" which becomes "des"


I hadn't even finished typing my translation and it was wrong. What I was typing was "C'est la liste des choses que je n'utilise plus." which is the correct translation of the sentence.


"Des choses" means not only "some things" or just "things" but also "of the things." It's the plural equivalent of "du" and "de la." Therefore "la liste des choses" is really the only accurate translation of "the list of the things."


C est la liste des choses que je ne me sers plus, Vous n accepter pas Duo ?..


Can "plus" come after "ne"? I remember that in another lesson 'ne' was followed by 'plus'.


your references make a lot of sense, but i am quite sure that i have heard other challenges spoken by the female speaker that END in plus where the S is pronounced. i wonder if there is regional variability or another rule.

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