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  5. "I do not bike wearing that."

"I do not bike wearing that."

Translation:Daarin fiets ik niet.

July 21, 2014



As a native speaker i can say that both would be usable but 'daarmee' could be anything depending on what the speaker is refering to. For example it could also mean that you are not going to ride on that bike (because it is in bad shape/taste). 'Daarin' would technically be beter because it is almost certain that you are refering to clothes while saying that. Personally I would prefer 'daarin ga ik niet fietsen'. Hope this clearifies it.


Why is "Daarmee zwem ik niet" "With that I do not swim", but I get wrong with "Daarmee fiets ik niet" when I translate "i do not bike wearing that"?


I am confused as well. Hopefully someone can clarify this


Okay, so I'm a learner not a speaker, but I believe since it says 'wearing' that, it is daarin, not daarmee. If the sentence was "I do not bike with that (bike)," then it would be daarmee fiets ik niet. Just like we will say we are going to work IN jeans today, this person will not bike IN that.


is 'ik fiets daar niet in' wrong?


I put "Ik fiets daarin niet" and it was marked wrong too. I would have thought both yours and mine would be correct.


Yeah, please somebody explain this, i was marked wrong too


It still flags this translation, but I frankly don't understand why.


It does not make any sense: I do not bike wearing that = Ik fiets niet daarin. While before daarin was "therein" . This section is the most annoying part of this course :/


The sentence is unatural dutch. I am native Dutch so I know :). I think they wante say. I do not like wearing that which means: Ik hou er niet van dit te dragen.

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