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Duels do not award XPs anymore?

I love the duel, and the one thing that I particularly like is that it allowed me to rack up XPs if I perform well against my opponents (theoretically, up to 20XPs per duel if I'm really lucky).

However, after the latest iOS update I noticed that dueling no longer awards me with XPs. At first I thought this happens only for unfinished duels (I've sometimes had opponents disconnecting before the duel is finished), but Duolingo give me "Practice complete! +0 XP" for the duels that I finish as well.

Is this a bug? Has anybody else experienced this as well?

July 21, 2014



The same thing is happening here. I hope it's a bug, since the duel score still takes XP in account


You're right, when I look closely, my total XP still increases after a duel. It's not easy to see with the current graph that plots total XP vs time, though. It would've been easier to see if the graph shows XP gained/day, like in the web version.

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Same here. I played "Duel against Robot" and clicked "Rematch". The XPs didn't add up according to my math, apparently.

Maybe you should move this to the troubleshooting forum (edit: select "troubleshooting").

edit: might be related to this: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/3802423.


Moved this thread to troubleshooting.

I hope this will get fixed with the next update.


Having used duolingo for 2 days now, and hearing about dueling for the first time... how do you duel?


I think dueling is a feature only available to the iOS version of the app for now. Are you using an iOS device?


Well that sucks DX

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