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"I must not forget to check in."

Translation:Je ne dois pas oublier de m'enregistrer.

April 22, 2020



"Je dois ne pas oublier de m'enregistrer" not accepted?


I am like you.. I entered "je ne dois pas oublier de m'enregistrer" to get pass the exercise but I cant wrap my mind around the fact that the negation goes with 'dois'. I thought the sentence is "I have NOT to FORGET to check in. HELP!


When you have a compound verb - here dois & oublier - the negation goes around the conjugated verb here - dois


Why <|0"il faut que je ne suis pas oublier m'enregistrer,"?


No, it doesn't work. But it could be:
Il ne faut pas que j'oublie (ā† subjonctif) de m'enregistrer


What's wrong with "Il faut que je n'oublie pas de m'enregistrer"?


i think it has to be "il ne faut pas que j'oublie..."


I think so too with 'j'oublie' being the present tense SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD ..as pointed out by Jojo553168 from 1year ago:.. Il ne faut pas que j'oublie (ā† subjonctif) de m'enregistrer *. So happens many conjugations in present tense indicative are identical to present tense subjunctive with the pre-required 'que' being the difference.

I am not sure if you can use the ne expletive here "Il faut que je n'oublie (ā† subjonctif_ ne expletive) de m'enregistrer .

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