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"Tomorrow morning, she will help me tidy the house."

Translation:Demain matin, elle m'aidera à ranger la maison.

April 22, 2020



Invariably in sentences like this I'm never sure whether to put in the 'à' or leave it out because, for example, I translate ranger as 'to tidy'.


It usually has to do with the verb coming before. You need à if the following verb is an indirect object.
J'aime ranger ranger is a direct object
J'aide mon fils à ranger ranger is the indirect object

Link: L’infinitif: the infinitive of the verb in French


That is very helpful. Many thanks


Why is "Demain matin, elle m'aidera à nettoyer la maison" marked wrong ?


Because "nettoyer" is "to clean" whereas "ranger" is "to tidy." "To wash," "to clean" and "to tidy" have different meanings in French as they do in English and they're not interchangeable. Although you might well say that you're going to clean the house, that's not what the exercise was asking you to translate.

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