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iPhone app doesn't always obey learning selections

When I am in a noisy environment I turn off the Speech and Listening exercises but occasionally the app will still present me with a listening exercise. It doesn't seem to happen with speaking exercises but has happened on numerous occasions for listening.

July 21, 2014



A few questions which might help the dev team narrow this down for you:

  1. Does the app present these exercises in the same use session as when they were disabled? (meaning did you turn them off, mess around in the app for a bit, and without closing it they suddenly come back at random?)

  2. Did you use the website in between disabling these exercises and seeing them return? (It may have reactivated them without you realising)

  3. If you check the settings once this happens, are the speech and listening exercises still showing up as disabled in the app? (settings might not be saving under some specific scenario you're hitting)


Here is what I did last night... 1. Turned off speaking and listening exercises 2. Closed and reopened the app on my iPhone 3. Verified settings were off 4. Did a lesson and on question #10 (halfway through) it was a listening exercise question 5. I did one more lesson and it did not prompt me with a listening exercise question

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