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Option to Strengthen Skills in iPhone app like on web site

On the web site there is an option to strengthen skills which will give you a variety of exercises and words. And doing this helps to build multiple skills at once with an element of surprise but the iPhone app doesn't have that. I have to select the skills I want to strengthen. Please add this feature to the iPhone app.

July 21, 2014



On the latest version of iOS:

Click "Practice" (bottom middle option)
Click "By Yourself" (third option)
This will give you the "Strengthen Skills" (without a timer) option.

If you want a more timed experience, select "Play a Bot", this is not exactly like the timed practice, but has a similar feel.


It does, look for it in the top right menu. Unless you have the older version, it's there.


Not on my iPhone it doesn't. All I have at the top right of the screen is Profile options. Is it the iOS app you're talking about?

Mind you, I just looked and cannot see how you can do it on the web! Maybe I am missing something (I almost always use the app for learning).


On the web, on the Home screen on the right where it shows my Spanish Progress I have a big blue button that reads Strengthen Skills


Thanks, I had forgotten that.


I have v4.0.4 and it's not there. Upper right is Profile and in there is Weekly Leaderboard and Your Duo

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