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why are you learning navajo?

as the title says

April 22, 2020



Because preserving minority languages is important


I was always taught that I was Native American, and did things like finding arrowheads and/or flint shards and made baskets out of reeds. I did the Navajo course so I can learn about Native American languages, even if not my own tribe's language. Then, not too long ago, I found out that the amount I am is minuscule. I still went with it, though, because I liked the language.


Which native american tribe?


The blackfoot tribe. They speak Algonquian, as far as I am told.


Linguistically Navajo has about as much in common with Siksik√° (the Blackfoot language, which is indeed an Algonquian-family language) as English has with, say, Hebrew. :)

If you're interested in learning a language a bit closer to your heritage, I recommend Ojibwe, which has a thriving Algonquian language community and is taught at a couple US universities.

Here's the online resources for Professor Valentine's Ojibwe course at UW-Madison: http://imp.lss.wisc.edu/~jrvalent/ais301/ (IIRC, it includes lots of audio samples you can download.)

Here's a wonderful online dictionary for Ojibwe created at the University of Minnesota: https://ojibwe.lib.umn.edu/ (True story: I almost left my job to work on that website a number of years ago.) :)

[deactivated user]

    Sometimes I ask myself the same question.


    Well, I want to get it to 30,000 XP. It's also an interesting language.


    because i was studying german (a 'mainstream' language) in school, and wanted to learn a rare language that was different to anything i had ever done before, and i fell in love with the navajo language & course in the process


    I honestly want to learn Native American languages like Cherokee and Ho-chunk, preserving and holding on to a minor language is very important.

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