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Why don't my skills decay?

I have been using Duolingo quite a lot, and was seriously happy when they introduced their decay feature, I was like "Yeah! Now I'll know what I didn't practice for a while and Duolingo will fill the blanks for me!"

But once I refreshed all my skills and got my bars gold, suddenly the skills stopped decaying, leaving me no info about what to refresh and what not. So I click on that "Practice" button and hope that it will send me sentences that I actually have to refresh...

So what happened? Is the decay supposed to happen every two months? Is the decay only happening on newest skills, leaving the oldest to gold forever? Would that mean that if I finish learning the language I won;t need to refresh it anymore? That kinda misses the point...

May 6, 2013



I have the same problem aswell with my french tree.. None of my skills seem to be decaying :/ My practice button doesnt work very well eather as it gives me the same thing over and over. I have resorted to going back to my lessons and doing the ones I feel I need improovement in again. I also seem to have lost the ability to practice my V. Pres. 1.. Very strange. I hope we can get the practicing and trees fixed because I do feel it difficult to find what I need to practice most


The same here. Either I practice too much on myself (which I doubt) or the decay mechanism is out of tune.

I like my completed French tree staying golden, though. I don't feel like practicing the same lessons over and over, it is time to move somewhere else to learn and practice. But I would appreciate decaying of my German skills as I'm sure I'm not at all perfect with them.


Same problem. I haven't seen any decay in quite some time now.

For a while "practice all" got a little less monotonous and did a much better job of showing me words I hadn't seen in a long time, but now it's back to giving me the same sentences and words more often than not. The "practice skill" option within lessons doesn't seem to cover the full vocabulary of the lessons either. I've just started redoing some lessons because that seems to be the only good way to get the variety of practice you need, but the problem is there are so many lessons this method can be overwhelming. I really hope they work on improving decay and also make practice more user customizable so we can have more control and be better organized in our practice when their algorithm isn't helping much.


Decay is still a fairly new feature, so it's possible that the decay rate is still being tuned. I remember that initially people were complaining that their skills decayed too fast, so perhaps Duo has overcompensated a bit now.


Another consideration: I would not expect my early lessons to decay much because a lot of those skills get exercised in later lessons. For example, perhaps my German "plurals" lesson is not decaying because I'm using a lot of plurals in subsequent lessons, even though the official topic of the lesson is something else.

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Same here. Haven't seen signs of decay in, say, 2 weeks.

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