"पीटर बोल रहा है।"

Translation:Peter is speaking.

April 22, 2020

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Difference between baath & bolna


'बात करना is 'to talk' while बोलना is more like 'to speak.

For example,
राज और आमिर बहुत बात करते हैं - They talk a lot (ie, have a lot of conversations). This may be among themselves or with others.
राज और आमिर बहुत बोलते हैं - They speak a lot (ie, a lot of words come out of their mouths).

The main difference is that with 'बात करना', it's usually a two-way conversation while with बोलना, it's one-way speech. In addition, बोलना may also be used as 'to say'. When you're discussing something with your boss or chatting with your friend, use 'बात करना'. With a parrot saying something, a speaker giving a TED talk or when you're telling your mom about your last vacation while she is just listening, use बोलना.

In addition, you also have the words बताना and कहना that are similar to 'to tell' and 'to say' respectively.


How to know pesent tense or continuous tense?


Continuous tenses use रहना as an auxiliary verb. So, the रहा in the sentence tells us that it is in the present continuous tense and not the simple present.

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