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How can I reward my students? There any reward system available within the site?

I have been trying to reward my students does anybody know how if so please tell me in the comments. Thanks

April 22, 2020



There are lingots. Students can buy things in the shop (like Streak Freeze, maybe a bonus skill or two such as Christmas or Flirting, and Timed Challenge.)

Before you say anything, yes, all we teachers agree that there is not enough for us to do with lingots. ;)

One of our colleagues on the Educator's Network has a classroom economy, where he allows students to trade in their lingots for free homework passes or pencils or such. Pencils aren't going to help you right now, but maybe free homework passes or allowing the student to choose the week's funny cat video that you found in your target language...? What else can we all think of? Let's collect the ideas here.

One of our other colleagues has created a "race" around her room. She bought adorable paper owls and had the students write their names on the owls. As they gain XP, they move the owls to different walls in her room. I'm trying to visualize a way that we can do that remotely. My interactive whiteboard won't necessarily store information from one day to another.

Just some thoughts!


Thank you so much! :)


Excellent answer as always, MadameSensei, but I fear MrCheeseMan17 is just trying to waste your time. He copied this question from another thread and just did the same thing again (and promptly deleted the post after I called him out on it). Earlier this week he was calling himself the 'rat king of Duolingo' or something to that extent, and he has set his location to 'your mom'.


but yes I am the rat king

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