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My Iphone app suddenly doesn't work anymore

A year ago I started to learn Spanish and a little bit of Italian on my Iphone and I was doing well. Then, a few weeks ago my 7 year old son wanted to learn English and I added English for the Dutch to my account. It didn't work as it should, because I always had to go back to 'add new languages' (at least, I think so, I can't see it anymore...) and scroll to find the other course. It worked well for a few weeks. Yesterday I was practicing Spanish and suddenly the app stopped and now I can't open it anymore. Is it possible to delete the app and download it again? And will still have my skills? Or will I have to start all over again? Who knows?

July 21, 2014



Yes, you can delete the app and redownload it. You should still have all your skills after that since they are saved on your Duolingo account. (Just make sure you know your username & password before you delete it because you will have to log back in)


Thank you, that's what I realized after the panic was over ;).

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