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  5. "Tha e ceart gu leòr."

"Tha e ceart gu leòr."

Translation:He is ok.

April 22, 2020



Can someone please explain how "ceart gu leòr" becomes "okay "? Also, isn't it more than coincidence that "gu leòr" sounds like the English word "galore"?


Generally gu leòr means enough, sufficiently, plenty, ceart gu leòr literally means right enough, sufficiently correct (but is used, thus really means, something like OK English). I’d compare it eg. to English fair enough in its development.

As for galore – it’s quite probable that it is a borrowing from Gaelic gu leòr (or Irish go leor).


Is it gu lord or yord? Because it kinda sounds like both.

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