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My students cannot do the tasks that I assign unless they do the tasks above them

I send them a link and then they access to their account with my code but then Duolinguo asks them to complete the tasks before. Also they are having problems to get to the class. They said: . Whenever I click on the link you sent, I get to my account to my original tasks.

Can you please help! I am sending them the skill, o so they cannot do it through the phone then? Has to be desktop?

April 22, 2020




Are you sending them the exercise link (looks something like https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Education/3), or are you assigning the skill via your teacher's dashboard at schools.duolingo.com? You should be able to assign skills your students haven't reached yet, but sending them the link won't work.

ETA: There is no class for your students to get to. The Duolingo for Schools portal is for teachers only; students see their assignments on their 'Learn' tab (desktop version) and get sent emails.





I am sending them the skill, o so they cannot do it through the phone then? Has to be desktop?


They can do it through the phone as well as the computer. But I am confused. When you say "sending," do you mean e-mailing?

All you have to do is click on "Add Assignment" in your classroom, and the assignment will (should! Hopefully) magically show up for them.

Atervanda, if I am reading you correctly, are you saying that MaraBogado has not set up a class yet? MaraBogado, you will want to create a virtual classroom for your students. Follow the instructions that Atervanda has given above.

Let us know if you don't understand any part of the process.


Atervanda, if I am reading you correctly, are you saying that MaraBogado has not set up a class yet?

'MaraBogado' does not, but 'LALC54610' has 12 classrooms. My 'ETA' was in reaction to 'Also they are having problems to get to the class.'

This may be helpful for you to know, MadameSensei: if you go to someone's profile and replace 'profile' in the URL by 'users', you will see their 'extended user profile'. E.g. https://www.duolingo.com/profile/MadameSensei becomes https://www.duolingo.com/users/MadameSensei. (It gives me a 401 error in Microsoft Edge, but it should work in Firefox and Chrome — in addition, Firefox presents it in a more human-readable format rather than a large string of code.) It's a lot of information, but relevant to Duolingo for Schools are:

  • 'is_observer', which tells you if someone is a teacher;
  • 'has_observer', which tells you if someone is a student;
  • 'observer_id', the teacher's user ID;
  • 'num_classrooms', which tells you how many classrooms a user has (set to 0 for non-teachers);
  • 'is_self_observer', which tells you if someone is a student in their own classroom;
  • 'num_observees', which tells you the total number of students a teacher has;
  • 'num_active_assignments', which tells you the number of currently active assignments for that student; and
  • 'num_lifetime_assignments', which tells the total number of assignments a student has ever had.

Not all of these parameters appear in everyone's settings. For example, 'observer_id' and 'num_active_assignments' won't show up for non-students.


Wow! Thanks, Atervanda! I had no idea... Golly, I am using Firefox right now and it still is hard to parse. Thanks for the translation!

I think I'll leave this technical stuff to you. :) I've got my hands full trying to figure out Screencast-o-matic today... So much new tech to learn, so little time...


LALC, I have seen this once before, but I will wait until you respond to Atervanda just to make sure. Could you please describe more in detail what link you are sending them? You shouldn't have to send a link at all. Once you give Atervanda and me more information, we can either talk you through how to do it (Atervanda is a wiz at that), or I can help you report the problem.

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