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"Ik zie geen boeken en geen kranten."

Translation:I see no books and no newspapers.

July 21, 2014



I don't see books or newspapers?


No, that is not correct. There is no "or" (of) in the sentence.


I agree with AlexisLinguist here a bit. I did not use that translation because of the use of "or," and I thought Duo would probably not accept it (we are in Beta here, you may want to try to be a bit more literal and a bit less natural).

But I do think it's a perfectly good translation. That's how you would normally express that in English, so it's a fine translation. I would have said "I don't see any..." but I don't think it's necessary.


I think it should be "I do not see any books or newspapers." The "or" is necessary to make it grammatically correct in English. "I see no books and no newspapers." may be a literal translation but it sounds rather stilted.


Actually "nor" is grammatically correct. Technically "or" is incorrect, though conventional for English usage.


when the second negative item is a noun, adjective, or adverb phrase, you should use “or” to continue the negative thought... For example, when you use the word “not,” the structure “not A or B” is correct. You’d have to say, “He is not interested in math or science”; “He is not interested in math nor science” won’t work.



I agree. I entered "I do not see any books nor any newspapers" which was marked as correct. Replacing "nor" with "or" is marked incorrectly (correctly!).


"I see no books or newspapers" not accepted. I think it's a perfectly reasonable translation

[deactivated user]

    Why not "I don't see any books and ANY newspapers"? I don't see a reason, why it should not be correct


    "I don't see any books and no newspapers" ? Would this work Y/N if no, why not?


    I typed in "I don't see any books and any newspapers." This is wrong?


    One of the correct solutions is "I don't see any books or any newspapers." But, in the previous discussion, it was said that "or" is not correct ... ?


    Zie is pronounced differently in sentence then as individual word


    I entered 'I don't see any books nor newspapers' and Duolingo accepted that form as well.


    en = and, of = or - the supposed "correct answer" might be "I do not see any books NOR any newspapers"


    I messed up on the comment


    "I do not see books and newspapers".


    What's the difference between: (1) I see no books, and (2) I do not see books. None, because both indicate that there aren't any books


    What is wrong with "I am seeing no books and no newspapers"?


    "I do not see any books and any newspapers" was marked as wrong. Waarom?


    I think English usage demands "or" instead of "and" in a sentence like this.

    At least three years ago (cf. pianogirlann's comment), "I don't see any books or any newspapers" seems to have been accepted.

    [deactivated user]

      "I don't see books and no newspaper"?


      Can someone explain why ik zie boeken en kranten niet is incorrect??....coz i thought geen would refer to" a single book" nd a single newspaper...correct me if i'm wrong plz


      No geen can be use for plural too (and things like geen tijd/no time)


      Is there a reason "I do not see books and newspapers" isn't acceptable?


      so now not necessary the "do not" enough the see no... interesting


      Yo is this grammar prank? Hehe


      I don't see any books and any newspapers?

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