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Recent changes to Duolingo April 2020

I noticed that when I make a mistake on a category that I have completed from the past. I receive from Duolingo a minus heart point. This has never happened before on a review category! Is anyone else bothered by this new development? I also notice that when I am given an option to earn a heart a game shows up that is impossible to depart from... do I end up having to shut down my phone and reboot! What is going on with these questionable updates and how do we let Duolingo know that this is so uncool!!

April 22, 2020



A popular workaround to avoid the "Health" feature on your phone or tablet:

Use Duolingo's (mobile)web version on your phone or tablet, because www.duolingo.com ......

  • does not contain the "Health" method

Other good features in www.duolingo.com:

  • you can take part in the sentence discussion forums .
    This is not possible in the iOS app.

  • in the lessons you can switch to "use keyboard" and "use wordbanks".
    This is not possible in the Android app.

  • testing out of individual skills (by using the "key" icon) does not cost any gems or lingots in skill crown level 1-4.
    This is mostly not possible in both the Android app and iOS app.

www.duolingo.com will work in the latest version of the Google Chrome or Firefox browser on your phone or tablet, when you have rather good Wifi.


As for the ads in the app (many of which show a game), there is always an X that you can tap to close it. You may have to wait 5-10 seconds for the circle to diminish before the X is shown, and I think in some cases there is a ">" shown that you have to tap to get the X. Also, on some ads (but I think not in Duo) the X is at the bottom rather than at the top, which is tricky and annoying. You shouldn't have to close the app or shut down your phone.

Finally, this horse has left the barn, but questions like this that are about Duolingo and not about French should go into the Duolingo forum.

Timor mortis conturbat me. 2020-04-23

UPDATE later the same day: I just saw one of those ads with no X. I tapped on the upper right corner, anyway, and it went away. Try it.


This just started on Duolingo about a eeek ago. Today’s date is April 22, 2020! I hope some of you Duolingo learners feel as I do or have an idea to communicate with Duolingo about this. Any help with this issue would be great

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