I am very new to this and wanting to know more. For example the different circles of colours in the children progress - blue, green, red etc. Also I see that they move on even if the circles are filled in? Is that right? Is there a guide book? Thank you. Rose

April 23, 2020

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Welcome, Rose! Here's a link to some information:

Basically, the colors progress through the rainbow as your students learn the skill.

Purple -- the basic level. There will be four or five lessons within the skill.

Green is the next level. Additionally, once green is unlocked, the student can do the skill or skills right below it on the tree (one, two, or sometimes there are three skills below it) which will now have magically turned purple.

Red is the next level.

Orange is the next level.

Then, the skill is golden. This is the highest level, but you are still able to practice it as many times as you like.

Keep asking questions! We are all in this together.

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