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Stories In Latin

I think it would be awesome if there were stories offered for Latin.

April 23, 2020



The team cannot add stories. The staff are in charge of that. I imagine they'll get add stories to bigger courses before Latin. Also keep in mind that stories require recording in real studios. I don't think that will happen with the current situation.


Many others think Latin stories would be great, too. Many think that Latin stories only in the present tense would be too simple. For some prev. discussion, switch to the Latin Forum and search for Latin stories, although some non-Latin discussion will be mixed in.

Here are some of them, and discussions that suggest reading that's possible after finishing the course:

Easy to read Latin stories
Reading a real book
Latin reading for beginners.
Can you please add stories and podcasts in Latin, por favor?

Right now the course would not match those courses that do have Stories, as it only covers present tense. And developing stories in Latin now, if it were even possible, would take the course developers' time from expanding the course, now that it's out of Beta. If you would like to try reading in Latin right away, try some of the simple books suggested in the links above.


I recently stumbled on this site that has really simple latin for complete beginners. Libelli Latini http://libellilatini.blogspot.com/2009/08/gilbo-anthony-gibbins.html


Nice! Thanks very much.


Thanks for the tip.


Yes, it would. Get in line behind Italian. ;)

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