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  5. "Hij is vlakbij zijn vrouw."

"Hij is vlakbij zijn vrouw."

Translation:He is near his wife.

July 21, 2014



Does "vlakbij" mean "close to" only in a spatial/geographical or also in an emotional sense?


'Vlakbij' is spatial only.


is 'Hij staat vlakbij zijn vrouw' accepted? if not, why not?


it is not the same because staat means to stand. Is does not specify standing and could be sitting or lying or anything


Out of curiosity, is there a specific word in Dutch for "wife"? Or I should be able to deduct it based on the context (as in this sentence where "his woman" most likely means they are married)?


You can say 'echtgenoot' and 'echtgenote' for husband and wife, but those are quite formal. In everyday language you would use 'man' and 'vrouw':

  • Wie is dat? Dat is mijn man (Who is that? That is my husband).
  • Heb je mijn vrouw al ontmoet (Have you already met my wife)?

BTW: The use of the generic words 'man' and 'vrouw' for married people can be compared to the use of 'vriend' (friend) and 'vriendin' (female friend): these are also the words that are used for 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend'. Both with man/vrouw and vriend/vriendin, the context (such as the use of a possessive adjctive like 'mijn' or 'jouw', or the use of definite vs. indefinite articles) signals whether or not there's a relationship:

  • hij is een vriend: he is a friend.
  • hij is mijn vriend: he is my boyfriend.
  • zij is een vriendin van Jim: she is a friend of Jim.
  • zij is de vriendin van Jim: she is the girlfriend of Jim.
  • zij is een vrouw: she is a woman
  • zij is jouw vrouw: she is your wife
  • de man van de secretaresse: the husband of the secretary
  • die man is raar: that man is weird


Thank you vam for the detailed response :) !

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