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"Ma belle-mère est gentille et elle tricote bien."

Translation:My mother-in-law is nice, and she knits well.

April 23, 2020



Notice that the femenine of "gentil" is "gentille".


This set of lessons is certainly ploughing through the stereotypes - single guys with 100 cats and knitting mothers-in-law - can't wait for the next one!


I only put one l instead of two. Spelling of French words is tricky. Very hard to tell from the sound of the word.


is there any means of knowing what is being pronounced incorrectly? Sometimes I think it's the words in black and sometimes, it seems the words in blue - sometimes the words go blue before I've even pronounced them. Several times it's told me I've pronounced something correctly when I've given up half way through - other times, it marks me wrong for something I thought was perfect. It's beyond frustrating!!


you cannot hear et elle clearly. Therefore I dropped elle. This doen't cehange the meaning at all!


Kind not accepted yet it is the only option provided when you touch gentille


My French daughter in law agrees with me that it can also mean kind.

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