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At times I question myself when I look for posts that seemed interesting at the time, however didn't have time then to watch or comment and just upvoted instead, which appear to have vanished into thin air... not to mention all those times my upvotes were gone instantly.

Like the one on East Sutherland Gaelic: Mar a Chunnaic Mise - East Sutherland Gaelic that seems to be taken down, likely by the OP.

I thought it was a really nice video, very interesting, therefore I'm reposting the link.

Or the post on Gaelic dictionaries.

Or the one by Stella on a Tuesday Gaelic online meeting that was gone that same day, just like the other one about the last meeting. So no chance on commenting or attending...

I'm aware that 5 dv will make a post disappear, and the only thing to still be able to find it is to follow it. One of the reasons I removed all other forums from my subscription list aside from Scottish Gaelic as the effort of answering a question and then having the post gone, often within an hour, seems so pointless and a waste of time.

Moderating these forums is not an easy job, and I hope that serious learners will make an effort to upvote interesting posts for the sake of them staying up for others to read.

April 23, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Thanks for putting up the link to this again. I had only watched the first ten minutes of it, but I had intended to come back to it later, then I couldn't find it. Some of these links are quite important for helping to better understand a new language, I don't understand why they disappear either. Thanks again, going to watch it now, just in case!

    You're welcome. I have no intention of taking this down, even if no one had responded to it, but having at least one person leaving a reply is even better. ;-)

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