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"I'm sad to leave the university."

Translation:Je suis triste de partir de l'université.

April 23, 2020



I thought quitter meant to leave as in to finish at a place. According to Sitesurf (at least I'm pretty sure it was this very kind person. If not, apologies to whomever I've forgotten!): partir - stresses the place (whether mentioned or not) that one's going to. sortir stresses the place (ditto) one is leaving. And from what I can gather, quitter is used more or less like we use to quit a place - as in to leave home, school etc. If this is the case, then quitter (given the lack if other context) should be the one used!


Ok, sort of ignore it - but only to a point. It does accept quitter but says partir, which is, according to my notes, the last of the three choices it should be!


Je suis triste de quitter l'université accepted 23/08/2020

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