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"We are waiting for the bride in the city hall."

Translation:Nous attendons la mariée dans la mairie.

April 23, 2020



City Hall is "l'hôtel de ville", not "la mairie".

"La mairie" is the town hall, not City Hall.


City Hall and Town Hall can both be either "l'hôtel de ville", or "la mairie". Both answers are correct.


Hi Graeme.

I had a look into the distinction between the two words, and it appears that 《la mairie》and 《l'hôtel de ville》are almost synonymous.

The exception is that 《la mairie》is used for small towns:



And hôtel de ville is given in the drop down hints! Reported.


Nous attendons la mariée dans l'hôtel de ville not accepted. Why not?!


In theory there is not difference between "mairie" and "hôtel de ville". However usually a mairie is in small towns and a hôtel de ville in bigger ones. For example, in my city of 25,000 inhabitants it's a mairie. For Paris, hôtel de ville refers to the huge building where the administration of Paris stands.

I do no help you a lot, i think both should be accepted.


Yes, you are absolutely right. Same where I have a house in SW france. Villages and small towns have a mairie and the big cities like Toulouse have a hotel de ville. I think this is really another example of Duo using American standard where even small towns are referred to as a 'city' and have a city hall. In England, where I live most if the time it seems only the larger towns have a functioning Town Hall these days with administration done more on a district basis at centralised District Council offices.


Thank you it's very interesting. I think we have the equivalent to District Council offices in the three largest cities of France, Paris, Lyon and Marseille, with les "mairies d'arrondissement" (20 for Paris).


On attend la mariée dans la mairie. Accepted :)

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