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Student Assignments


I LOVE Duolingo and I am so happy that I can use this application with my students. I have a suggestion/question regarding student assignments. Right now, I believe you can assign time limits for work, XP points, and Leveling Up. Is there a way to assign students to reach a certain level? Example, students must reach Level 3. Right now, I believe the only to do this is to keep assigning students to level up in the same category.



April 23, 2020




You might receive more help in the Educators Forum

Most of the users in the General English/Troubleshooting Forum aren't familiar with how classrooms work.

You don't have to create a new thread this can be moved by: Edit -> Topic (drop down menu) -> Educators Forum.




Thank you! I just did that!


Yes, when you click on "Assignments," you will have the choice of

XP (collect points) (I wouldn't call this a "Time limit," as it is not a race, and you can get over the amount of points assigned. ;) )

Or "Level up a skill." There used to be a feature where you could assign "Get to the red level," but now it is merely "level up."

However, you as the teacher can give your students any direct instruction you like. If your class is pretty much on the same level to begin with, then "level up" will have exactly that effect.

I hope this helps! Please keep asking questions as you have them.


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