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Finished the Navajo Tree

As the title says, I finished it. I also got all of the skills to gold. I completed it in a little under a day, and gilded it by around day 3. I attribute my fast progress to binging, though.

I would really love to contribute, even though I am nowhere close to proficient and am very busy a lot of the time.

I was hoping there would be more indigenous languages, but I am happy with at least this one.

I wanted to learn Algonquin, Inuktitut, and/or Cantonese, but there were no courses on it. Luckily there was Navajo, which has brought me immense joy.

I loved looking into the beauty and depth that this language holds, even if there was not much to learn.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this course, or even just participated in it. I absolutely adored it, and I hope that we are able to expand this course.

April 23, 2020



Cool! I did that a couple days ago... Amazing accomplishment!


I too wish they would add more...


Hi. I love this language. I want to learn it because I met some beautiful Navajo people 2 years ago and I miss them. But I was very disappointed to see that I can hear people speaking Navajo only in the first two lessons. I stopped at lesson 3 for this reason. Can you tell me if later on there it's possible to hear the words learned? For me it is absolutely essential for this very musical language. Thank you.


I regret to say that no, the speaking does not continue. However, I stll think that there might be more speaking along the way, but I am unsure.

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