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  5. "Hoe schrijf je dat?"

"Hoe schrijf je dat?"

Translation:How do you write that?

July 21, 2014



Is "je" used in the sense of "men" (people in general) here or does the sentence address a specific person?


The form "je" is often used instead of "men" in colloquial speech, working much like the English pronouns "you" vs. "one".

That being said, it can mean both here.


It is indeed used as "men" here.
How is it written

If you want to ask
how do you, the person I'm talking to, write it
then you need to use jij.

So it can only mean one thing here, not both. (Native speaker)


"Je/Jij schrijfT" is correct, right?

How come it's not ''Hoe schrijfT je dat?" then?


Whenever the conjugated verb and subject (schrift and je/jij in this case) are inverted, the conjugated verb always loses the t. For example:

Je drinkt./You drink.

Drink je?/Do you drink?


I thought that was only in the case of je?


Correct, only with je and jij.


Can this also mean "How do you spell that?" as in German "Wie schreibt man das?"


@dejo that is exactly what it means.


Well not exactly. It is the same subtle difference between "spelling" and "writing". "How do you spell that?" (EN) = "Hoe spel je dat?" (NL), while "How do you write that?" (EN) = "Hoe schrijf je dat" (NL). Similarly, "Wie schreibt man das" (DE) = "Hoe schrijft men dat" / "Hoe schrijf je dat" (NL).

(PS: the reason why 'men' is similar to 'je' in this case, is because 'je' can be meant in general terms as "how does one write that".)


Thanks. I'm wondering what exactly might be meant by "how do you write that?" then. Maybe I'm being stupid, but I'm drawing a blank.


Actually it does mean what dejo says. It means you are asking about the spelling of a word. (Edit and yes there is the same slight nuance between how to spell and how to write something as in english)


The simple answer is "yes"; even Duolingo accepts "How do you spell that?" as a translation. =)


Shouldn't "How is that written" also be accepted? Grammatically, it's not the same, but in conveys the exact same meaning.


Not really the word could be written incorrectly.

So how is it written could be nuculeair but the answer to how do you write it is nuclear.

(If nuculeair is what is written on the paper you are referring to)


I see here that the 'ch' is not pronounced in the 'schr' combination (http://www.heardutchhere.net/DutchPronunciation.html#CH), but I think I am hearing the 'ch' here in "schrijf." Anyone else's thoughts?


I had hoe schrijf jij dat marked wrong. Can anyone help me with an explanation why?


Is hoe schrijf jou dat? better.....


No that is wrong jou=your

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