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"There isn't a single pair of pants in my size in this store."

Translation:Il n'y a aucun pantalon à ma taille dans ce magasin.

April 23, 2020



Il n'y a aucun pantalon de ma taille dans ce magasin. Why the use of "à" rather than "de" ?


That's how we say it. De is not correct here.
Ce pantalon est à ma taille.


Il n'y a aucun paire de pantalon a ma taille dans ce magasin?


Now THIS is a sentence I can use! Sadly.

I'm 196 cm tall, with a 96 cm inseam. And I live in a city with one shop for big AND tall people. If I were 160 cm tall with a 145 cm waist I'd have no trouble buying pants. But they have nothing for people with an inseam as long as mine. The single pair of pants that were long enough were a strangely shaped pair for someone 40 years younger, and were made of a strange, thin, knit fabric. They clung in ALL the wrong places, and felt horrid.


"Il n'y aucun pantalon... " (without "a") also accepted.

Right or wrong? Now I am confused.


Right. But I prefer: "Il n'y a pas un seul pantalon à ma taille dans ce magasin." In my opinion, "Il n'y a aucun.." ==> "There are no pants..."


Il n'y a aucun de pantalon à ma taille dans ce magasin, often i need de when number is not important and un or le when singular. But not here???


Can you never say pair de pantalon in french?

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