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How am I able to re-start a level? You can take away the points/crowns.

I am getting together other learning materials for the study on Dině. I am working on three skills using the suggested "Graze" (?) method and have finished only one skill completely. I would like to rest the second and third skills of Family and Food to start again and repeat them as often as I need to.

I would rather not rest the entire language if I get stuck on a much higher level in this or any other language.

Right-Click " reset this skill " Yes "really....? Yes All crowns gone and I start it again. easy-peasy

Send me the source code and I will do it myself if you don't want to incorporate the idea into the official version.

And the practice bar-bell give me sentence structures and words that seem beyond the scope of the first three skills.

April 23, 2020

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You can't. You can only reset a language or practice skills that you have already mastered.

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