"I come from China."

Translation:Vengo dalla Cina.

May 6, 2013

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Is vengo da Cina possible?


No, I think the only preposition that wouldn't be followed by the article before a nation is "in"; "sono nato in Cina" (I was born in China).


"Vengo da Cina" was marked as incorrect. Is it compulsory to use definite article before the name of a country.


Yes, with a few exceptions, e.g. Andorra or San Marino.


Is there a comprehensive list of all the exceptions (states, islands) anywhere around the web that you are aware of ? Also, is there a list of cities for which the usage of articolo determinativo is compulsory? (i.e. - L'Avana, L'Aia, Il Cairo...)?


Hm, no sorry; on wordreference's forum they mention an online map but the link isn't working anymore. It's rather hard to derive a list too; in the case of countries the exceptions are usually either city-states or island-states (e.g. Malta or Cuba), but that isn't a general rule either...


I saw that thread as well, and was not able to find anything further. Thanks for the help!

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