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"Bedankt, doei"

Translation:Thanks, bye

July 21, 2014



Why is "thxbye" not accepted? This is the 21st century, Duo!


Coz the Dutch translation would be "bdntdoi", obviously! Get with it Toby


Bedankt doesn't seem to be used much here in the Netherlands, so far I haven't heard anyone say that word. They mostly say something like ''Dank je wel'' or ''Dank U wel'' instead.


Native speaker here. I'd say 'dankjewel' (or 'dank je wel') is informal, 'dankuwel' is very formal and 'bedankt' is somewhere in the middle. Context and accent will play a part in which one people choose. You could use 'bedankt' anywhere without being weird or rude.


What is the difference in pronunciation between dankjewlel and dankuwel? I have always said one of these (my family are dutch) and never heard bedankt before so thank you!


well one is dank je wel and the other one is dank u wel yuh and uu


Yeah, and je is less formal than u


I wonder where you hang out that you haven't heard it (and how many days you were in the country) I think dank je wel or dank u wel is pretty formal (with dank u wel) even more formal than dank je wel) and a mouth full. Most common is bedankt of simply dankje. Which are like thanks (and the first two are more you thank you very much, in usage)

Dank je wel cán be used informal but then it is with emphasis (again just like thank you very much which is either formal or you really mean it)


When can you use doei, tot ziens,dag, or any of that?


Dag can mean hello or goodbye. Literally, it just means day. Doei is goodbye, but it is less formal than dag. Tot ziens is only goodbye. Literally it means something like "See you!" I think it is just as formal as dag, but I'm not certain of that.


is dag and doei interchangeable?


As I understand it, yes, and no. Dag can also be used as a greeting, where Doei is just bye.


This is correct. 'doei' merely means bye, while 'dag' could also be used when greeting someone.


"Doei" is only used in informal settings! With friends but not in official contacts!


In the Netherlands most official contacts are rather casual, especially if you know the person you’re speaking with.


Why isn't "thank you" correct for "bedankt"? Is it more informal/short, like a simple "thanks"?


It is/should be. But it is followed by doei/bye

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