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  5. "Paul loves boats."

"Paul loves boats."

Translation:Paul adore les bateaux.

April 23, 2020



This is an example of what I just reported in my previous comment. In this question, "Paul aime les bateaux" is accepted as a tranlation for "Paul loves boats". In the previous example, "J'aime les oiseaux" was not accepted as a translation for "I love birds".

Please standardize the use of "adore" and "aime", or add a tip explaining why "aime" only means "love" in some sentences and not others that are nearly identical.


"Paul aime les bateaux" not accepted by Duo April 2021. I often get adore and aime the wrong way round. Will have to search on the internet.


No wonder I am so totally confused Orlaph!

Hopefully Duo will respond to your very pertinent request.


Normally you would use 'des', however with a verb of appreciation you use 'les'. "Je mange des fruits, j'adore les fruits." - "I eat fruit, I love fruit."



For a generality, you use the definite article.

Paul adore les bateaux Paul loves boats.
Paul adore des bateaux Paul loves some boats.


I am thoroughly confused as to when to use Adorer and when to use Aimer. Is there a rule?


why is Paul aime bien les bateaux wrong?


Paul aime les bateaux correct as per DeepL, Google and Pro Languages.

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