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Latin History Moment 5!

salvete, omnes!

Today is the 5th Latin History Moment! It's short but interesting, in my opinion. Feel free to upvote if you think you learned something, and downvote if you think I should do better and comment what you thought of! Enjoy! :)


Gaius Marcus Coriolanus was a military leader who was born in 6th c. BCE and died in 5th c. BCE. He lead siege to Corioli.


In 491 BCE, there was a famine in Rome and Coriolinus suggested that the common people wouldn’t get grain unless they agreed to get rid of the office of tribune. Obviously, tribunes didn’t like this and exiled him. So, Coriolanus led the Volscian army against Rome for this. His mom (in the picture) pled with him to stop his forces from attacking.

valete, omnes!

April 24, 2020



Shakespeare's play Coriolanus is pretty good as well as it details your history above. There is a movie made of it using Shakespear's script, but they are all dressed in modern warfare, and clothing: kind of gives you a different perspective on modern warfare.


Cool! I'd definitely look at the script and maybe the movie if I have time! Thank you for telling me, it's great to see works based off of Roman politicians and leaders.


That's really great to know about all that! :D

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