Where can I find the test to do my French test for the certificate?

April 24, 2020


What certificate? There isn't one here.

Hi Judit,

Have you checked out the ideas people have talked about in the post :

Also you may be interested in some ideas from some years ago.

Yes, I know this currently has not been carried forward in what is currently available.

It is though good to always see how we as a community work to find solutions and provide support to others.

So, as I have also mentioned above, there is one that Duolingo has developed for testing of competency for the English language. And that this certificate is recognized by many respected organizations.

You might like to check out :

Yes, I had read them. I don't really consider taking a screen shot of your profile page as proof of anything. Anything worth the paper it is printed on at least needs some kind of test - like the English one.

[deactivated user]

    I am not very far in French yet, so I don't know. Sorry.

    I really like your question. Thank you asking it.

    I hope others will find it in their heart to up vote this valid question.

    Also, you may be interested in the "Checkpoints"

    And the final checkpoint at the end of the tree :

    So there is eventually a "French Trophy" you can earn.

    I completed every checkpoint. However, if I do the basics and stuff again (so a second time, but harder) is there a new checkpoint test leading to a bigger trofee?

    hmmm good and interesting question. I do not know the answer to this.

    Example, when I see your profile there is a '25' next to the French flag. Next to mine it states an '8'. What does it stand for and how do you get higher

    I have been through the entire French Tree. And at the time I went through, I think the system gave me the level of 25. I am now myself continuing to work through the tree again.

    The course is also continuously being updated. So that also makes it more fun to continue to strive towards maintaining your tree. Combined with the programmed effect of "decay" of your tree, where you are encouraged to repeat work over time.

    ok - here is the information you are after :

    It's a remnant of the old levels system. You can view them on your Duome

    For others, you can check your own score using the link[your username].

    The numbers next to the flags are usually called levels. They are related to the number of points you have in a given language. They are not related to the number of crowns or the streak. Before the crowns system came about they were probably the best way to measure effort. (Note that neither crowns nor streaks nor levels measure proficiency, but effort.) Here is a list of levels with the minimum number of points required to reach the level:

    Level 1 0

    Level 2 60

    Level 3 120

    Level 4 200

    Level 5 300

    Level 6 450

    Level 7 750

    Level 8 1125

    Level 9 1650

    Level 10 2250

    Level 11 3000

    Level 12 3900

    Level 13 4900

    Level 14 6000

    Level 15 7500

    Level 16 9000

    Level 17 10500

    Level 18 12000

    Level 19 13500

    Level 20 15000

    Level 21 17000

    level 22 19000

    Level 23 22500

    Level 24 26000

    Level 25 30000

    ref: angus390025 :

    I do know that as you progress through the tree, the sentences also get harder. And as you progress through each repetition of individual skills, up to making them Gold, that the sentences also get harder.

    At the very least you will get a bigger real trophy. Being your real life progress in proficiency in your target language.

    You would also, eventually, get the reward of seeing your tree gold.

    However I also strongly recommend that you consider taking your newly developed skills to tackle further challenges. Such as Duolingo stories and podcasts

    And to not stop there. Watch movies in your target language.
    When you do activities, seek to do them while speaking in your target language. Be it brushing your teeth, playing chess, or doing a sporting activity. Reading books and listening to music in your target language.
    Consider connecting to communities that use your target language. Though at this time in the world, for the shorter term, that will probably be through other internet type communities.

    Consider the challenge of writing stories in your target language.

    And keep looking for other ideas that assist you in acquiring your target language.

    Check out :

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