100 Days!

Hey,I reached a 100 streak for the first time!I think its more then 3 times longer then my next longest streak!I have NOT used a streak freeze,weekend amulet,or streak repair in this streak.I most often use the timed practices.(Ya,I should probably start working on the harder ones more to learn more. P.S.I have a web version account.If I get the Duolingo app,can I sign in to it,too?

April 24, 2020


Brilliant job!! Congratulations!! Excellent!! Great!!

Congrats, I just passed 100 myself. You should be able to sign up to the app using your current account. I have my Android, iOs and Desktop apps all connected to the same account.

Good for you!And thx=)

!!!Now get a 1000 day streak keep up the good work!!!!

Right!Merci beacoup!You already made it there,good job!

Wow, congratulations to you too!

Congrats! How did you manage to come here non-stop for 100 days, did you put reminders? Have you almost forgot a day?

Thanks!No,I didn't have reminders.I guess I just did it every day,lol!

Congratulations,this is my goal too!

Thank-you!And good luck=)


Very good for you


[deactivated user]

    Have you missed any day?

    I edited my post.I believe the edit should answer your question.

    Wow you are go in good direction day after day you are be near your aim. Best regards from Poland

    Thank-you from Canada!Nice streak yourself!

    Thank you for hlep my Brother

    That's excellent. I love this platform. I have so much fun and am currently at 78 days looking forward to reaching 100 like you just did!

    Good luck!And thanks!

    Duo works seamlessly across Android and Windows

    Félicitations pour avoir atteint une séquence de 100 jours Congratulations on getting a 100 day streak!

    Heres a lingot to congratulate you!

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