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"I loved your wedding, it was very lively."

Translation:J'ai adoré votre mariage, c'était très animé.

April 24, 2020



J'ai adoré votre mariage, IL était très animé. Pas accepté, mais pourquoi?


Your answer is not completely wrong. Using c'était instead of il était allows to describe more a general atmosphere than only the wedding itself, even if what it's obvioulsy what you meant with il était.


Vivant not accepted but Collins shows it as a synonym of animé. Have reported.


My dictionary says that the appropriate usage for "vivant" is a lively account, or a lively style.

Whereas "animé" is for places, scenes, atmospheres, conversations, music and evenings. (And although it's not listed, I think we can safely add "events" to that list.)

I also don't see where you're getting your Collins reference from. Collins online gives me "vif/vive" for a person, or "animé(e)" for an event or discussion, although it does list a lively style or portrait for "vivant".

I suspect that "bringing it to life" is not what "lively" means in this sentence.


Why is' vivant'suddenly not accepted. It was ok earlier in this exercise.


I don't think it fits this context.

Do you mean that it was previously accepted?


can't I say " j'ai adoré ta mariage"


Should be ton mariage

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