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"Walk toward the fountain, then turn left."

Translation:Marchez vers la fontaine puis tournez à gauche.

April 24, 2020



Any reason why "Marches vers la fontaine, puis tournes à gauche" is not accepted?


Drop the s on the first person singular imperative


I did this and does not work. This would be the imperative form of tu where the s is dropped.


It worked for me today...both marche and tourne need to have no s.


Marche vers la fontaine, puis tourne à gauche. Accepted :)


"Allez vers la fontaine, puis tournez à gauche." was NOT accepted.

I reported it.

[deactivated user]

    Indeed this is correct but maybe the goal of this exercise is to improve your use of the verb "marcher".


    That isn't an accurate translation as you've used the verb « aller » / "to go" rather than « marcher » / "to walk"! :)


    My whole sentence was almost correct but I used 'alors' instead of 'puis'. Could anyone please tell me the difference between the two words?

    • « alors » = "so" (as in, this happened so he did that)
    • « puis » = "then" (as in, after this then that)


    What's the difference between "aller" and "marcher" in this case? I just want to know, because Duolingo underlined "allez". I had some other mistakes as well. Why did Duo pick that one to mark it wrong?


    Duo's system of highlighting what the actual errors are is notoriously inaccurate so you might as well ignore that! :)

    See my previous reply to Fred.duo above regarding the difference between the two verbs! :)

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