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Verb: Nascer Person: first Tense: present

The verb Nascer means to be born. The present first person conjugation is nasço. Can anyone think of a sentence in which this word could be used?

May 6, 2013



From Vinícius de Moraes: "eu morro ontem; nasço amanhã" (literally - i die yesterday, i'm born tomorrow) "pois se eu morrer nasço de novo para ficar contigo" = "for if i die i'm born again to be with you". Hope that helps...


thanks, I was thinking too literally!


It may be tricky at times. You conjugate "morrer" (die) and "nascer" (to be born) just using the verbs. While you say i was born in December in english, (je suis né.... in French) in Portuguese you'd sound weird if you said that literally (eu era nascido em Dezembro), but you just use the verb nascer, no other auxiliar (to be). So, you have: "eu nasci em Dezembro"


actually in English I couldn't tell any literal translation for the verb "nascer" (nacer in Spanish). The literal translation for "to be born" would be "ser parido" ==> "parir" which is the verb "to bear / bore / born" En inglés eu non nasço senão que sou parido.

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