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Why are all the articles for translation SO OLD?

Here is a "Recently Added" Spanish article:


Follow the link to original, and you'll find it was published...in 2007. In fact, almost all the "recent" science articles are from 5,6,7+ years ago. For some kinds of articles, this doesn't matter, but for news-related items, the age kind of takes some motivation out from translating it. XatakaCiencia is still publishing, where are all the new articles?

August 8, 2012



Good point. We are working hard on getting more interesting content on duolingo. Expect improvements in this area soon.


Severin, has any progress been made on this issue? I believe many Duolingo users will agree the translations are the best way to practice and one of the best features of the site.


We'll push a major change for this, this week!

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