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"She became an international celebrity."

Translation:Elle est devenue une célébrité internationale.

April 24, 2020



"Elle est devenue une célébrité internationale." because célébrité is not being used as a profession?


Yes celebrity is not a profession. It is a profession in English?


There are plenty of people in England who make a career out of being a celebrity so I think leaving out the "une" is valid. Maybe the French are more sensible and recognise that being a "celeb" on its own doesn't count!


No "celebrity" is not a profession in English. However English doesn't have a rule where articles are almost always needed with an exception where they are never used. So whether or not "célébrité" is being used as a profession is not the question. The question is "Is that the reason why an article is needed?"


It is because it is a name and you always put an article before a name. The adjective is "internationale"


I wrote "mondiale" instead of "internationale". Should that be accepted?

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