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"Jean got lost in the middle of a natural park!"

Translation:Jean s'est perdu au milieu d'un parc naturel !

April 24, 2020



What's a natural park?


Probably not a concreted park


I think "nature reserve" is the phrase they're looking for.


Where I live in N America, it means an area designated as a landscape or seascape to be protected and also enjoyed, such as national, state, provincial and regional parks. Not local or city parks. As Chris Brown says, not a concreted park.


When presented in the English sentence, Jean is highly associated with a female person. I can't think of a case that a male person of English descent bears Jean as their given name. Yes, in a French sentence, Jean will indicate a make person. My argument is now this: when I'm asked to translate the English sentence (female name) to a French sentence then both solutions, using male (now taking about a French man) or female (talking about the English woman in French) pronouns, should be accepted.


Why not perdue? Is Jean only a masculine name?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, the feminin version of Jean is Jeanne

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