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  5. "What's that in Dutch?"

"What's that in Dutch?"

Translation:Hoe heet dat in het Nederlands?

July 22, 2014



Why is the definite article used here with "Nederlands"? It isn't used with the name of the language in "Ik spreek Nederlands". Should I instead be thinking of this as "What is that in the Dutch (language)?" so as to remember to put in the article?


If something is in a language, there is always an article with the language name:

De website is beschikbaar in het Engels. = The website is available in English Ik schrijf in het Frans = I am writing in French


Does this mean "What does that mean in Dutch?"?


No it means "What is that called in Dutch?", so basically "What is the word for that in Dutch?"


Thanks! Why do we use "het Nedederlands" here? It is the first time the article comes up in front of the language....


I think, that might be just a fixed term as it is in German to say "im Deutschen" or something ;)

But could one also say "op Nederlands" in Dutch to mean the same?


What is the use of the word "het" in the sentence?

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