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"I know it's a good airline company."

Translation:Je sais que c'est une bonne compagnie aérienne.

April 24, 2020



Je sais qu'elle est une bonne compagnie aerienne. It's confusing with elle est and c'est


I used 'entreprise' instead of 'compagnie' but it was marked wrong and they used 'compagnie'. I googled 'what's the difference?" and got the answer 'compagnie' is used must less often. SO why mark 'entreprise' wrong???


Probably for the same reason that you would find it strange if someone said "It's a good airline enterprise" ... some expressions are just 'fixed'.


Why is it je suis and not je connais...... i always think of 'sais' being more associated with a task but connais being more about personal knowledge of something or someone but je connais was marked as incorrect


you might say, "i'm familiar with this company's reputation." (connais). but "i know they're a good company just as i know the sun will rise in the morning." (savoir)


"quelle est une . . ." Wrong?

[deactivated user]

    Well, as a french speaker i would never say "Je sais qu'elle est une bonne compagnie ..", I think that talking about things with "qu'il(s) / qu'elle(s)" is not a good habit. You're gonna be understood but this sounds strange.


    Merci Benjamin


    pourquoi pas ligne aerienne?


    no, it's a company registered with the state. airLINE is not an official title.


    Why is "entreprise" not acceptable?


    it should be. check out larousse.


    je sais, c'est une bonne compagnie aérienne. The "que" isn't necessary, the "comma makes the difference. ex. Oui, je sais, c'est une bonne compagnie...


    it also gives it a different meaning. it means, "yeah! i know that." it's a reply to being told that this is a good company,

    duo's sentence on the other hand is offering the information to a second party from the speaker's knowledge. so it's actually not correct du tout.

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